The Challenge: AR Portals are one of the most incredible effects you can experience using Augmented Reality. You can have many concepts you can attach to an AR Portals experiences such “time travel” and “Content Teleporting”. How to make AR Portals available to as many people as possible?


The Solution: was to create a platform where anyone can create their own portal by choosing any image from their devices, decorating the Portal with up to 6 different themes, add up to 6 messages boxes with a story, then save the portal for later and share it in the map for public access of the content.


The result: was a free to play app available for Android and iOS where anyone can create codeless customized portals with authored content and then share it publicly in a map where other can see, tap on it and then open and cross the portal to reach the authored content. The app was launched in January 2021.