About Us

The Phygital Complexity

We are a company focused on developing innovative products and advanced AR / VR / MR services for education, virtual training and entertainment. With more than 7 years of experience in developing augmented reality applications for various industrial sectors and more than 27 years of accumulated experience in 3D animation and computer graphics, ARfactory has been winning several awards and nominations in several events related to the universe of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.
The technology used in our projects and the high-quality deliverables is a very strong point in our services. Understanding the latest technologies and techniques, we are always improving and seeking new challenges when using the most effective and inexpensive technologies, according to the needs and budgetary reality of each project.



In a highly competitive world where everyone is connected, we put our expertise to foster a sustainable reality with the systematic application of accessible innovative technologies, putting into practice our services designed to make the most of any and all visualization technology, seeking the best operational results for our clients.

We’re experienced in developing projects for different cultures, we can offer to our customers a rare reading about different cultures and applications that is much more precise and at the same time comprehensive. Of course, in a globalized world, applications and experiences are created to reach a greater number of users and devices and therefore with our experience developing solutions for different universes, we can guarantee the success and acceptance of the products we develop for all markets, satisfying the needs of 4 main pillars at ARFactory:

  1. Space
  2. Customer
  3. User, and
  4. Devices

If you and your company want to enter this world where the real and the virtual are mixed, the best and most accessible option is here at ARfactory. Our successful cases prove our quality.



Physical reality: Understanding the current real world
Digital Reality: Offering an affordable solution
Augmented Reality: Efficient accessibility
Virtual Reality: Effective immersive experiences
Ephemeral Reality: Space and time momentum
Mixed Reality: Interpreting and merging the world around us
Extended Reality: Phygital Integration.


Paulo Ramos

Paulo Ramos

An original in the world of interactive content and advertising. I got my start with computer graphics in the time when 3D/2D animation and image composition were called new media and interactive content came on CD-ROMs. This means not only have I played more and better 90’s and 00’s games than everyone I work with, but I already know how to apply the best practices in AR that we learned the first time around. I am also the AR and Unity specialist, which means I’m forever on the edge of what’s new. Speaking of our company, I’m responsible for innovation, development and game design using the newest technologies.

Giovanna Amoroso

Giovanna Amoroso

I’m natively from the digitally born generation and worked in digital environments since the beginning. My passion is words, communication, make new contacts, and meet smart people. My job is bringing some light to the business needs guiding you across the factory services portfolio to find the best solution that fits that needs. AR/VR/MR is new to me so new is AR also to many of you, just because AR changes so fast that only deep tech professionals have access to the last and cheaper tech to hang on your company’s project. I’ll love to share with you our latest achievements and projects.