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ARFactory specializes in developing augmented reality applications that involve precision and accuracy. Our two location-based projects employ the latest geolocation technologies with a focus on consumer engagement and content sharing. Both projects use Augmented Reality as core experiences, converging actions in the real world with controlled reactions in the virtual world.

Passport AR rewards tourists who visiting landmarks in Barcelona and Ibiza with virtual currencies that can be exchanged at stores, yet it offers distribution, control and management of discounts vouchers, an essential tool for retailers looking to retain customers. Find out more here.

PortsyAR was designed to offer a pioneering alternative in content teleportation using the Augmented Reality Portal technique, a tool never offered such a simple way to create and edit Portals in Augmented Reality. No need to generate a single line of code. Learn more here.

Artmented AR is an award-winning app that brings a sheer AR experience to mixed media Artists and Artworks. In this app, you’ll find more than 30 oils on canvas artworks from several artists and augmented by me. This app brings the first fully 3D Augmented Reality artwork experience developed, and we’re keeping adding artworks. See how fun it is.

Clients & Partners

Clients in 3 continents extensively employ augmented reality in their projects. More than a dozen experiences were delivered, from Augmented Reality games and apps for trade shows and events to the blockchain, cryptocurrency tokens, and NFTs creation for artists.

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